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[Though there are some outliers, the final choice is clear. They cannot go back, and they cannot give themselves up to the mercy of the Skyway. So, that leaves just one last choice.

The change is abrupt, with the land shifting as soon as Nathaniel puts in the last Core and inputs the last command. The land of the Bastion itself, and the Skyway for miles around, begins to shift. Everyone within the Bastion itself is protected by the Bastion's barriers, which is a good thing since the entire process itself seems to be pretty unforgiving. Chunks of land go here and there, piling on top of one another in a vaguely spherical shape. The sphere grows, and grows, and keeps on growing until it is so large that the people in the Bastion can no longer see the curve of the sphere from its surface.

Next comes the water, and the plants, and the animals. Anything that wasn't taken in by the Bastion is made in an instant, springing out towards horizons yet unfound. Next comes the sun, and the moon, and eventually an entire solar system. The other planets (though not visible at this point) do not get the same love and care as the first, though, and are largely uninhabitable hunks of rock, serving only to stabilize the orbit of this new solar system. Anything lush and full of life is taken to the Bastion, and fit into the first planet.

Time seems to stretch on for ages, and yet only minutes pass. Anyone with vertigo might get hit particularly hard as the process finishes up, and the Bastion shudders and chugs to suck out every last drop of power from the Cores and Shards. It's going to be close, but there might just be barely enough.

Finally, the shaking stops, and the world goes calm. The Bastion itself powers down one last time, the lights flickering off on every automated system. With no power, they have no way of running. The systems are still present, though, should some way of making power be found.

Though unpowered, the Bastion remains, plopped down in the middle of a large forest at the base of a mountain. All of the buildings remain intact, and all of the people remain unharmed. The one last bit of power, left untouched by the Bastion's power-drain, is the ever-present glow of the Skyway bridge. It is unknown where it goes now, though. Perhaps to locations beyond what was used to make this solar system? Exploration will have to take place to find out for sure.

But it is here, at the birth of the first city on a new planet at the start of a new solar system, that everyone can finally relax and say the words that have gone unsaid for a year now.

We're home.
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Who: Everyone, everywhere
Open: Open
When: Day 355
Where: See threads for specific locations
What: The last day, which is the longest day ever.
Format: action
Warnings: E N D G A M E

See threads below for locations.


Sep. 18th, 2015 09:56 am
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Who: Rob, Paarthurnax, anyone else
Open: Open
When: idk sometime earlier in the week maybe?
Where: Between the entrance and the Dragonfield, then the Dragonfield
What: Rob no
Format: Any
Warnings: Blood, animal death, metafictional cultural appropriation, confused grandpadragon, poor life choices, Rob what the hell were you thinking you could've died!

Private pre-post stuff )
Rob makes a bee-line for the Dragonfield upon returning to the Bastion, but if anyone's around he's kind of hard to miss, being covered in blood and lugging a large bundle wrapped in an elk pelt with a pair of antlers sticking out of it. If one can look past that, they may notice that he's moving more confidently than normal and seems to be in a pretty good mood.

"Hey, Paarthurnax? Can I ask you a small favor?"
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Who: Everyone in the Bastion
Open: Open
When: 346-352
Where: The Bastion in general
What: This is the calm before the storm. Any last conversations with NPCs? Any last things to take care of? Do them here.
Format: action
Warnings: none so far

When you make a thread in this post, please put the names of the NPCs you want to respond in the header of the first comment.

As a note, this is also your last chance to make any changes that will affect how endgame begins. All things that help or hurt the Bastion residents will be tallied up on September 18th, and the final post will go up shortly after that. So if you want to catch the thief, form any alliances with other NPC groups, or anything else, now is the time to do it.
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Who: everyone, and some NPCs
Open: Open
When: Day 343
Where: The bastion, the lagoon, and the ura camp
What: the pieces are starting to fall together
Format: action
Warnings: none

See individual threads within the post for scene starters.
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Who: Rob, anyone
Open: Open
When: Day 337, afternoon
Where: Wherever in the Bastion Zuko's battle drills are being held.
What: Battle drills! Also Rob's still not the greatest fighter and no one was surprised.
Format: Any

Zuko wants everyone who can fight to get some practice fighting alongside one another. So presumably everyone who can fight is getting some practice fighting alongside one another. This post is where everyone who can fight is practicing fighting alongside one another.

What Rob's up to here. )

[Feel free to use this post for mingling and such.]
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Who: Colin, Ikuri, Rob, AZ
Open: Closed
When: Day 338
Where: The Scrapyard
What: Even with threats to the Bastion, salvage is still needed. As are friends.
Format: Whatever the heck you want, but no wingdings!
Warnings: There be Colins here. Also, distressed whining.

If you walk the footsteps of a stranger... )
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Who: Makoto Naegi ([personal profile] bulletofhope), Ibuki Mioda ([personal profile] scary_music), and Aoi Asahina ([personal profile] amphibian)
Open: Closed
When: The evening of Day 337.
Where: The Apartments
What: So Ibuki, Naegi and Aoi walk into Naegi's apartment and talking about the past happens.
Format: I'll match!
Warnings: Spoilers for Dangan Ronpa and a LOT of unpleasant shit in it. THANKS MONOBEAR. DDDDDDDDDDX

Please tell me... tell me how this is supposed to work; just who lies within me? )
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Who: Zuko and everyone!
Open: Open!
When: Day 337
Where: Near the Monument
What: Zuko tries to Speech. Let her Leader you.
Format: I'll match
Warnings: Honor

[Late in the morning, Zuko's voice comes over the amulet network to ask everyone to gather near the monument so she can update them on the situation. There was a lot of commotion yesterday, and a lot of information is still limited to small groups or one-on-one discussions.

Of course, some of it's going to stay that way, since there's still potentially a spy in their midst, but Zuko is at least going to cover what she feels is important for everyone to know.

Once enough people have gathered, she speaks up, using her best Commanding Officer voice.]

Hello. Zuko here. )

((OOC: Feel free to ask her clarifying questions or use this post for mingling. Like I guess if you wanted to ask Colin questions instead that's okay. Zuko understands not everyone hates him like she does.))
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Who: N, Zoroark and anyone they happen to come across
Open: Open
When: Day 341
Where: All over
What: N seems to have a pressing question that needs to be answered
Format: Action
Warnings: N/A

But this seems real to me )
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Who: Megaera, anyone in Amulet range
Open: Yes!
When: Day 336, afternoon. (Backdated!)
Where: Anywhere, via amulet, or meet Megaera near the Library
What: Some critical information comes out!
Format: Action preferred.
Warnings: Plot!


Okay, so! Talking to one of the prisoners got me... A lot of useful information.

A big one is this: They're seeking cores to power a device that they claim is capable of reviving the dead. Where I'm from, that's doable, if expensive, but... It can also go horribly wrong. So it's something to be cautious of.

That said, it is a basis for some negotiation... Or at least for knowledge of what's going on, from their perspective.


Megaera was simply on her way home... )
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Who: Rob, anyone
Open: Open
When: Day 329
Where: Between the library and the cottages
What: A new building has appeared, and it's kind of spiky.
Format: Will match
Warnings: Nerdiness

So there's a new building in town, located between the library and the cottages. It looks similar to this one, although since it's not embedded in a cliff face all five sides are accessible and it has five spikes on the roof instead of three. The main door is smaller than in the picture, though still large enough for all non-dragon residents to comfortably use, but there's also a larger closed pair of doors at the rear. This sign next to the main entrance might give passerby an idea of what the building's function is, but the door is open and Rob's inside, so taking a closer look is certainly an option.

Inside is a rather cramped space with an elaborate touchscreen computer console to either side of the door and a counter with various pieces of equipment on it straight ahead. Currently there's also a figurine of a wolf holding an odd-looking arm in its jaws sitting on the counter, eyes glowing red, a small stack of Rob's alchemy books, and an open book that a machine is turning the pages of as if reading it. Above the counter is a clear partition, through which can be seen some complicated machines in operation which some might be able to recognize as being for printing and binding books.

Rob is sitting on one of two deerskin-covered swivel chairs and tapping away at one of the consoles, but he turns when you appear in the door, squares of gauze still taped on his cheek and shoulder.

"Welcome to the print shop. Any books from Earth you've been looking for?"
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Who: NPCs! and you guys
Open: Open
When: Day 336
Where: in the Bastion
What: A plan is made, a letter is mailed, an enemy is cracked, a thief is caught
Format: action
Warnings: none

[Lots of things are happening today. See the individual threads in the post to find out what is going on.]
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Who: Rob, Tobias, Ippo
Open: Closed
When: Day 333
Where: Burstone Quarry
What: Shard run!

A bird, a boxer, and a shirtless nerd walk into a quarry... )
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Who: Colin, anyone interested in what he's doing.
Open: Like a convenience store.
When: Day 323, all morning. (BACKDATED)
Where: Several key locations around the Bastion.
What: Setting up surveillance systems
Format: Action to start, but anything's good.
Warnings: A short-tempered Colin.

I always feel like someone is watching me. )
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Who: Ikuri and anyone who wants to encounter her.
Open: [Y]
When: Day 333 [backdated] - Dusk
Where: Several places within the Bastion. Pick your location when you tag in: fresh from nightmare haze, she .
What: Nearly two weeks after the tragedy, Ikuri still gets nightmares.
Format: Action brackets because habits
-Jumpy, sloppy prose of purple, particularly as I'm slammin' this out before work.
-Sol Man is a dork who's terrible at this RP thing.
-Nightmares and body horror.
-Text wall.
Note: The Bastion's calming field will prevent assault and outright aggression, but odds are she's still going to be jumpy and jittery.

( ♪ I see your face, it attacks my dreams - on every page and magazine ♪ ) )
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Who: Rose Quartz, OPEN
Open: Open
When: Evening of 332
Where: Monument -> Rose's house
What: Most of the Bastion is grieving, angry, or trying to deal with said emotions. Rose? She's just trying to settle in to this strange new life of hers.
Format: Action
Warnings: Possible spoilers for Steven Universe? Also possible talk of war and the like

For you love, I'm sorry. For your pain, don't worry. )
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Who: Ikuri and Zuko
Open: [N]
When: Day 325 [backdated] - some time after this.
Where: Out in the wilds, specifically the ruins of Caelondia.
What: Ikuri's in a MOOD (big surprise), Zuko's trying to bring her back before she gets herself killed. Neither will care overmuch for the other's decisions in this matter, one suspects.
Format: Action brackets starting out, may switch
Warnings: None that I can think of, but if any crop up, I'll edit to reflect that.

( ♪ Highway to the Danger Zone ♪ ) )
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Who: Megaera and anyone who wants to speak with her
Open: Open Action, with an Open Broadcast later.
When: Day 326 [backdated], Afternoon
Where: All over the Bastion - feel free to specify just about anyplace.
What: Megaera's trying to figure her identity out... Again.
Format: Your call
Warnings: A bit of purple prose.

And so she walked. )

[Amulet Signal]

... Anyone mind if I take a turn interrogating the prisoners? I think I might be able to get a few new answers... Including one I won't be asking them.

[OOC: Megaera's not 100% sure where she's going with this, to say the least. If no one argues too much against Megaera interrogating the prisoners, she'll go do so in another action thread on this post.]
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Who: Zuko, Colin, Ikuri, and anyone else!
Open: Open!
When: Day 325
Where: Around the Bastion, Dragonfield
What: Time for some Talks
Format: I'll match
Warnings: Honor. Also fury, and not much patience.

It's been a few days since the disaster of Crona's death. Zuko would like to think that that's given her time and distance to process it, but most of her feelings haven't changed much since their return. If anything, she's just forced herself to focus on other things, and avoid dealing with her grief, and her guilt. Not that she's realized it.

It probably doesn't help that she hasn't gotten a decent night's sleep since. But she's used to that, and if she's going to lose sleep, she can at least do it standing guard instead of tossing and turning. She's been taking regular shifts guarding the prisoners, and she's taken to carrying her swords with her within the Bastion, as a precaution not only against escape attempts, but any threat of outside attack as well.

For Colin and Ikuri - )

For everyone else! )


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